Here is why Chivalry is Dead

This is a true story, and since I don’t know any of the names, they have not been changed.  And I want to point out at the top-I do what is described below because I think I was brought up properly, have manners and for the most part have mastered wiping my own ass.

I was walking into a 7-11 last night to grab a cup of coffee before heading onto the road for a 1.5 hour drive into NYC.  As I was walking in the door, an elderly woman (I would say late 60’s) was walking out.  So, I held the door open for her.  Its manners.

She did not thank me.  She did not even acknowledge that I was standing there.  In fact, her ability to ignore me was so profound she walked right into me.

Now, I am a very solid 5’6″/180 or so pounds.  So, this frail looking woman was jostled walking into me.  She had to have known she hit someone.

Not a word.  So, I said, “You’re welcome” as she walked away.  Only then did she turn and glare at me.

And because shit like this happens–chivalry may well be dead.


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