Chivalry is Dead-Part Deux

This was more of a head shaker than anything else today.

Riding the uptown A train at about 915 this morning.  It was a crowded train (meaning there were no seats and people were standing) but by any measure of NYC subways it certainly was not crowded or packed.

What can best be described as a plus-sized woman was making a very loud case that “people were classless” because no one offered her a seat.  Likely just to make her stop, a gentleman (who was getting off at the next stop) got up.  The woman did not even offer a thank you.

At that next stop, an elderly woman who was clearly straining to get onto the train and hold on to the center post got on.  No one-including the mouthy woman offered this woman a seat.

Guess it is better to receive than give in this city.

Yeah-chivalry inter and intra sexual is dead.


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