An Hour Here, An Hour There

Its treatment day today.  Generally this means its on me to get the girls up and going–nothing unusual there.  Then I take them both to school–usually its just one.

But today was slightly different.  School’s out and we had support at the house early in the morning.  So we could get a nice early start–get into the city get done and get home–and I would still have day ahead of me to have dinner with my kids, catch up on work so I don’t have to be working to midnight and generally not have to push it.

Not so much. I guess shit just happens because we left at normal time-she had a consult with her doctor first and now it’s almost 3 and she is still an hour plus from leaving.

So instead of being an hour ahead of where we normally are on treatment day, we are two hours behind.

Suppose I should say its all good in my hood, because at least I know, shit just happens.


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