It is what it is

So, when I look back at Christmas 2009 I can honestly say I am not sure how I will remember it.  To be clear, I’m not a celebrant of the birth of Christ in any way….its just that as most people are preparing for the holiday, down time or maybe even a vacation….

I was calling an ambulance to have my wife taken to the hospital and then explaining to my kids what was going on.

A week ago she had another round of chemo, but instead of recovering in the usual 2-3 days–this time a week later she was completely dehydrated and literally wasting away in an incontinent mess.

And the reality is this is probably the next phase in what will be a mostly slow down hill progression that I will have to guide the girls through. I can’t hide it from them, but can only hope I have prepared them for it.

It is what it is–and its going to be what it will be.


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