Ever Ask a Question and Regret the Answer

I did just that today.  I asked a question, because it’s what I do, and well I regretted the answer.

I think as a customer I have the right to ask questions.  As it pertains to important things like insurance, banking and investing-I think its my responsibility to ask questions.

So I do.

But I was told today by someone who’s opinion I truly respect that by asking questions-the person on the other end of the phone is thinking I am a dick.

That can’t be right can it?  Are we really all lemmings to be led around without asking how or why? I really hope not, because I will ask questions…and while I may regret the answer, I won’t regret the asking.


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4 Responses to “Ever Ask a Question and Regret the Answer”

  1. Aquaribull Says:

    Just like I don’t recall telling you that by asking questions-the person on the other end of the phone is thinking you’re a dick. What I said was your arguing with them and then demanding to see it in writing what theyre telling you because you don’t like the policy is what will have them thinking and discussing with their co-workers just how much of a dick you are. Especially when you call them things like “byzantine”. Don’t expect silver platter service when you insult people like that.

    • esd714 Says:

      My reference was to the system/process that was being so dearly hung onto, not the person. I don’t think a person can be Byzantine. Regardless, when I don’t understand something or feel I need clarification – I ask. And now I regret the answer.

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  2. Aquaribull Says:

    Customers who pitch fits because they don’t get what they want ARE dicks. Question asking is fine. Making demands and cursing at the service provider because you don’t get your way as a customer are not. The other person is just doing their job. You may not like the company policy but don’t take it out on the messenger. It’s not right or fair.

    • esd714 Says:

      I don’t recall ‘pitching a fit’ but then again I apparently lack understanding and compassion giving me a hat trick of faults. Real or peceived? Still asking I suppose.

      Sent from my iPhone

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