Replaceable Parts

For me, when things seem to be spinning out of control I try to grab onto a couple of key things and keep them in order–and hope that sense of order and familiarity will manifest across other things.

Lately, I’ve been in a prolonged period of things spinning out of control (read more about it here)–and what’s been tough for me to manage has been the fact that there is little I can do to control most of that stuff.  So, I try to keep control over other things-and try to “breed” that sense of order.

While I do not think I am a control freak by any means, I like some predictability.  And then comes that moment when some of what is in order begins to spin too.  At first its a little twist–then who knows.

It’s a reminder there is no time we are irreplaceable.  Life goes on all around, we are all parts–in with one, out with the other.  No one is larger than the sum of the rest of the parts.

It’s a cross-section of life–at home, at work, interpersonal, intra family–we are interchangeable.


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